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Perhaps no more perfect portrait exists of a battle-hardened tanker than this photograph of Sgt. John H. Parks of Mill Creek, Indiana. He was voted man-of-the-year by his fellow G.I.'s because his appearance most typified the war-weary soldier. Shortly after this photo was taken, late in 1944, the twenty-four-year-old Parks was killed in a tank battle in Germany.
National Archives

One of our unissued US tanker helmets
polished up and outfitted with R-14 radio
receivers and M-38 Resistal goggles as originally issued in 1942. Essentially a football helmet modified to accept goggles and radio components, the tanker helmets are constructed of a hard fiber shell forming the skull and neck portion, with leather liner and ear flaps comprising the balance of the helmet.
All helmets sold without goggles and radio receivers.

  The Last Roundup of an All-Time Classic is now sold out.

History may record the Second World War as the single most significant event in the twentieth century. The American GI, fighting against totalitarian regimes on every corner of the war-engulfed globe, is easily the most recognizable fighting man in this unprecedented conflict. There are weapons and articles of clothing from this largest-of-all wars that form the identity and instant recognition of the GI: the infantryman had his steel helmet and M-1 Garand rifle, the airman his leather flying jacket and propeller-driven, all-metal monoplane, but the image of a tank crewman, be he Army or Marine, will forever be remembered by the football-like protective tank crew helmet and M-4 Sherman tank.

In 1995, after fifty years in storage, the first WWII US tank crew helmets surfaced from a remote and forgotten warehouse in India. We had the good fortune to be a party in bringing out this amazing score to the hungry collector market, and now, just as that warehouse was set for destruction, we bring to you the last of what has always been the most desired and sought after piece of American headgear of WWII. These helmets have never been issued or worn by anyone. The condition will certainly impress you, having no broken or missing parts, and leather liners that are still fresh, supple and unstained from wear even after over 60 years since production. A perfect piece for display on your desk or bookshelf, and always a hit amongst WWII vehicle collectors.

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Sizes 6 1/2 - 7................ SOLD OUT! Sizes 6 1/2 - 7................. SOLD OUT! Sizes 6 1/2 - 7................. SOLD OUT!
Sizes 7 1/8 - 7 1/4.......... SOLD OUT! Sizes 7 1/8 - 7 1/4.......... SOLD OUT! Sizes 7 1/8 - 7 1/4........... SOLD OUT!
Sizes 7 3/8 - 7 1/2....... SOLD OUT! Sizes 7 3/8...................... SOLD OUT! Sizes 7 3/8...................... SOLD OUT!

* Shipping and insurance to any of the continental 48 states via UPS Ground is @ $25.00 per helmet. Helmet conditions and sizes subject to prior sale and availability: No guarantee of availability is made until confirmed by a formal customer order.



Tank crew helmets sold as historical novelty/curio relics only, and not intended for actual protective or other use. No warranties for wear or use given or implied. All helmets are sold fully and meticulously cleaned of all dirt, dust, mildew and other evidence of long, warehouse storage, thus they are ready for display out of the shipping box. Helmets priced as "Discounted Examples," though still unissued, will show any or all of the following: noticeable shelf or storage wear, possible broken stitching in areas, some slight distortion to shape, dings, dents or slight bulges to shell, etc. These helmets will still display nicely but cannot be compared to the two higher-priced conditions we offer. If you plan on wearing a helmet for some form of display or event purposes, the "Discounted Examples" or "Select Examples" have proven the best choice for this application. Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed. All helmet purchases may be exchanged or returned for any reason, provided the item is not damaged, used or worn (try-ons excluded) and advance authorization is received ORALLY VIA PHONE, within seven (7) calendar days from your receipt (as determined by shipping records). Refunds will be less postage and insurance.

This is absolutely the last roundup of a classic piece of WWII GI headgear, worn by US Army and Marine tank crews and motorcycle couriers in every combat theater. Every one of Georgie Patton's tank and tank destroyer crews were issued this exact same helmet style for their bloody and brilliant armored clashes with German panzer divisions throughout Europe. Our tank crew helmets are guaranteed to be genuine WWII production made prior to 1945, NOT current copies. These are tangible, historical artifacts of the greatest and most challenging period in the history of the US military, unlike comemerative paintings and novelties being currently marketed seemingly everywhere. Make an investment in posterity that helps recall a time of honor, dignity and bravery under the most severe circumstances - while our supply lasts!


A typical US Sherman tank commander in Europe 1944, outfitted in the famous tank crew helmet, winter combat jacket, HBT coveralls, Type III service shoes and M1938 dismounted leggings, and the M1911A1 Colt .45 service pistol.
National Archives

Major General Adna R. Chaffee
Chief of the Armored Forces, photographed in original color in 1941 wearing the tank crew helmet.
National Archives