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We now have sold the very LAST limited-edition Hanhart Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot Chronograph Wristwatch left and this fabulous series has come to end. Yes, you read correctly; out of the 2,500 produced in this series there are NO MORE to be ordered from Hanhart in Germany. But all is not lost! Hanhart is now offering a copy of the Luftwaffe One-Button Fighter Pilot Chronograph Wristwatch which is NOT part of a limited-production series. The one-button version was a simplified design that first appeared in 1942 and was actually the version worn by the Luftwaffe's ace of aces - Major Erich Hartmann. This new one-button replica wristwatch by Hanhart is identical in all other ways to the two-button limited edition now sold out and it is still a 17-jewel mechanical movement and comes with a two-year factory warranty. Please contact our office for photos, pricing, and availability on the new One-Button Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot Chronograph Wristwatch.

The chronograph watch is an essential component of any fighter pilot’s equipment - he relies on this timepiece for accurate, dead-reckoning navigation, as well as a host of other related time-keeping factors of importance. Hanhart was one of the leading German producers of chronographs in the ‘30’s and ‘40’s and their examples were extensively used by fighter pilots of the Luftwaffe; in fact, only one other chronograph was employed with regularity by the Luftwaffe Jagdfliegern (fighter pilots), this being the equally famous Glashütte Tutima. Hanhart actually made two styles of chronographs with rotating bezels, the other style having a simplified movement configured with only one plunger button vs. the two buttons on this version.

The German Luftwaffe ruled the skies over Europe for four years. History will forever recall the daring, record-holding achievements of the Luftwaffe’s Jagdflieger Experten (experts), who amassed kill records most likely never to be surpassed again. Precision was paramount to these Experten, for in their line of work one small mistake could easily be their last. Not surprisingly, the unquestioned Experte of all time, Major Erich Hartmann, is, in fact, often seen photographed wearing a Hanhart chronograph watch!

Today, original Luftwaffe chronograph wristwatches are valued antiques and the most desired of all the military chronographs. These watches will fetch a ransom price from any quarter, as the demand far exceeds the quantity on the market. Such is the rarity of even having the opportunity to buy one of these gems, that the price ticket is actually a secondary concern to just being lucky enough to locate one for sale. Even if one has the good fortune to obtain such a treasure, the evil dilemma to wear or not wear this piece of history surely will face the purchaser. Should the watch still retain its original riveted strap, the increased chance of damage through use makes the dilemma even more cursed. Alas, it is the recognition of all of the aforementioned factors that stimulated Hanhart to produce their famous Luftwaffe Fliegerchronograph once again.

At long last, those who would dearly love to own such a prestigious, historical timepiece can have their dreams fulfilled. After nearly sixty years from the first production in 1939, the original German manufacturer, Hanhart, has now released an absolutely superb remake of this definitive model. History Preservation Associates is proud to offer its clientele a product of such exclusivity. This is not just a classic face with a silicone movement either. The Luftwaffe Fliegerchronograph is crafted with all the precision and detailing of the original, including a 17- jewel mechanical movement! That’s right, you wind this up the way one did with all good old watches. Rated at 28,000 vibrations per hour and complete with a two-year warranty, one is getting all the accuracy, durability and security the original vintage examples don’t have. Nothing has been spared in this new example of an old Jagdflieger’s trusted friend. The watch dial is a precise, masterful and beautiful recreation of the original, and bears the correct Hanhart script logo and “17 Steine” (17 jewels), just as found on the original examples. As part of a limited series of only 2,500 units (NOW less than 6 watches are left out of the 2,500 in this series; once sold, this style will NEVER be produced again), each example is individually numbered on the case back and movement and is complete with matching certificate of origin and a handsome, hand-crafted leather storage case. Your investment is secure in a watch of this quality, as your money is really buying fine traditional engineering at its ultimate; in fact, from 1998 when this limited series was introduced until today, this watch has INCREASED to twice its 1998 pricing! All watches are made by hand, one at a time, by the same manufacturer that created the original! Not even today’s high-profile designer watches can better this. The new Hanhart Luftwaffe Fliegerchronograph will serve you as well as those daring, leather-clad Jagdflieger Experten once did the Luftwaffe. Whether navigating the skyways, highways or waterways, rely on Hanhart’s Fliegerchronograph to keep you on time and course.




  • ETA/Valjoux caliber 7760 13 1/4" modified & decorated
  • 17 Jewel, hand wound mechanical movement
  • 28,000 vibrations/hour
  • Fully wound running time 42 hours
  • Stainless steel case in matte finish
  • Asymmetric button distances for easy identification by touch only
  • Dual O-ring gaskets on crown and buttons
  • Serrated rotating bezel w/ luminous marking point
  • Domed sapphire crystal glass
  • Black dial w/ luminous markings on dial and hands
  • Original "Hanhart" logo script on dial w/ "17 Steine"
  • Original design, large crown for easy winding
  • Water resistant to 10 atm (100 meters)
  • Diameter approximately 40mm
  • Height 13.7mm
  • Weight w/ band 93g
  • Brown leather strap w/ safety rivets (for others, see options)
  • LESS than 6 watches of this style are left out of a limited edition of 2,500 pieces, each with a certificate matching the serial number on movement and case back
  • Stainless steel case back (engraving optional) or sapphire crystal glass, see-thru back (see options)
  • Elegant and rugged hand-crafted leather storage case, linen lined

The HANHART classic watch collection is only available for order either over the telephone or through the mail. To place an order, please phone, fax or mail in your selection with payment, specifying the item by name or item number, along with any options and/or accessories. Our pricing is listed below for the Admiral Chronograph. Prices appear in two separate categories: one for purchases made via Visa/MC, the other for checks or money orders. Pricing for all purchases made with check/m.o. are discounted as indicated. All purchases going to the continental US are shipped via USPS Registered Mail and fully insured. Shipping outside the continental US or via other carriers will be quoted on request. For a full disclosure of our terms of sale, please click on General Ordering Information. Please do not hesitate to phone us if you have any questions. Prices subject to change without notices.


Ref. No.   Discount Check / M.O.   Credit Card
700.1100-00 Luftwaffe Fliegerchronograph w/ brown leather strap 3,850.00   3,985.00
700.1100-01 Luftwaffe Fliegerchronograph w/ black leather strap 3,850.00   3,985.00


Includes 2-year full parts and labor warranty (crystal and band excluded)

Because the brown leather strap is authentic to the original watches, this version is the one we choose to stock as standard.
Prices for Options and Accessories are listed on their respective page, just click on the heading below.
Basic Shipping & insurance @ $38.00 is added per each watch ordered.
Orders shipped to New Jersey addresses will have 7% sales tax added to the total purchase price.

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