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Welcome to some of the world’s finest leather flight jackets and accessories. These pages contain such timeless classic designs as the A-2 flying jacket, B-3 flying jacket and G-1 flying jacket, naming just a few. The flight jackets and accessories that now follow have been compiled for those who desire garments that, in design, components and quality, match every possible detail found on the vintage garments made over 60 years ago. All component materials in our goods are painstakingly recreated on custom order at great expense since the original materials and methods of production have long given way to newer types. Countless hours and funds were expended locating and researching original specs., re-tooling, then finding companies willing to make these components again. Sometimes it takes several attempts before the mission is accomplished, with some flight jacket styles taking over three years to get into production! Only 100% cotton thread in the correct, heavy 4/16 composition is used to assemble our goods; poly and poly/cotton thread is not only inaccurate, but also tends to cut into the hide as it has limited give. Our flight jacket hides are all tanned and dyed in the original processes for which there were basically two types used 60 years ago: veg. or chrome tanning; veg. tanning is, by far, the more costly and most durable process, yet it is virtually absent in today’s market. Leathers today don’t look or feel the way they once did, except ours; we make extensive use of veg. tanning where authentic to do so. Because the flight jacket hides are either hand or spray dyed, they will wear as the originals did, allowing each owner to personalize their garment with the rich character that develops from regular use over time. Quality in production exceeds the typical standard of the 1940’s - every item is started and completed by one skilled artisan in our small, family-run shop. Our workers take pride in making these old-world, bench-made goods; never are bonuses or incentives given to stimulate faster production. Because of special requirements on certain items, sometimes extended delivery times are needed; if this is the case with an order, we kindly ask for your patience. Keen attention to quality, authenticity and history is at the heart of a perfect flight jacket copy; with an EASTMAN you’re getting just that. EASTMAN - it’s not a question of how long one lasts but one of whom will you leave it to. Order an EASTMAN, then wear it the rest of your life!

 USAAF, USN & USMC Leather Flight Jackets 1927 – 1947
 These flight jackets are the Standard Editions (see department below for Special Editions) and include the following jacket styles: A-1, A-2, B-3, B-6, AN-J-4, D-1, G-1, M-422A, C-3 winter vest, in addition to the A-3 winter flying trousers, and even our special jackets within the range of our .50 Cal. Collection.
 USAAF Special Edition Flight Jackets 1931 - 1945
 The last word in authenticity – produced by Eastman Leather Clothing - these are EXACT copies of flight jackets originally manufactured by famous U. S. government contractors, such as: Cable Raincoat Co., Monarch Mfg. Co., Rough Wear Clothing Co., Star Sportswear Co. & Werber Leather Co., and include the A-1, A-2, B-3, B-6, B-10 & B-15 flight jackets. Handcrafted in small quantities, these are the closest thing to finding an unworn vintage flight jacket.
 Pearl Harbor A-2 Jackets
 After supplying 2001’s mega-budgeted PEARL HARBOR film with over 250 flight jackets and accessories, we decided to make available to the public the A-2 jacket styles worn actors Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett and Alec Baldwin and the rest of the film cast. Now you can own a piece of film and aviation history!
 German Luftwaffe Flight Jackets 1914-1945
 Masterfully crafted, we offer a WWI Imperial Aviator’s Coat, along with two WWII Luftwaffe fighter pilot flight jacket styles. The WWI flight jacket design is based on the coat made famous by the “Red Baron,” while one the WWII flight jacket styles copies the exact flight jacket worn by the world’s top fighter ace – Major Erich Hartmann.
 British Royal Air Force Flight Jackets 1939-1945
 The renowned RAF sheepskin flight jacket has been inextricably linked to those brave “few” fighter pilots who saved England from German invasion in the summer of 1940. We offer the finest copies of this flight jacket available anywhere in the world today. Manufactured in England by Eastman Leather Clothing, one may choose from either the more luxurious 1930’s “Battle of Britain” version or the simplified 1942 version.
 Civilian Design Classics 1914-1955
 The jackets and coats found in this section include classic motorcycle designs, as well as a variety of civilian-style flying and motoring jackets that remain as fetching today as they did when the styles first premiered.
 World War II USN/USMC & USAAF Headgear
 Our headgear makes for the perfect finishing touch in composing the ultimate classic look from a bygone era. As always, authenticity and quality are at the heart of our offerings. This section includes the all-time classic USN/USMC blue ball cap made famous by aviators, submarine and PT Boat officers, and Hollywood legends John Wayne and John Ford. One look and you’ll have to grab something!
 Gloves, Wallets & Accessories
 Meant for the truly discerning and dedicated aviation enthusiast, our glove selection is not only 100% authentic, but each style is built to function for real aviators, just as the original examples were meant to. Each wallet style is guaranteed to be the most rugged leather design you’ll find anywhere because we use only our tough, enduring flying jacket-grade leathers. Liquid Leather (our special formula for keeping all finished leather goods in top condition), USAAF Kit Bags for aviators, and U. S. Army/AAF musette carry bags. These two bag styles are the finest of their kind, and can be seen in the HBO landmark series, Band of Brothers.
 World War II USAAF, RAF and USN Sweaters
 Whether looking for an extra layer of insulation to wear under one of our flight jackets or simply searching for a high-quality, totally authentic sweater for separate wear, ours will both warm and astound you. The classic RAF roll-neck aircrew sweater is the ultimate “gentleman’s” piece, but the USAAF A-1 mechanic’s sweater and the USN Seaman's sweater are both standouts when worn with dungarees or chinos for a casual, active lifestyle.
 World War II U. S. Army/USAAF Officers' Shirts and Trousers
 For the discriminating officer or flying cadet, we offer the finest copies of the famous U. S. Army/USAAF officers' shirts and trousers made since 1945! Tailored from the correct heavy-weight, 100% worsted wool gabardine, these are an absolute must for your wardrobe and the perfect finishing touch when wearing a flight jacket!!!