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Old school is always in session here ...

We market products for the most discriminating, demanding consumers who refuse to settle for second best - buyers who insist on being winners and who find the concept of losing to be abhorent and unacceptable. Our brands and products include: Buzz Rickson's flight jackets, khaki chinos, pea coats, tanker jackets and loop-wheeled sweatshirts, Sugar Cane selvage-denim jeans and vintage work shirts, Lone Wolf hand-lasted work boots, and Eastman Leather flight jackets and accessories. These brands and products reflect that elusive ethic of hard work and things done only one way - the RIGHT WAY!

Detailing makes all the difference when recreating items from past - it takes true historians to recognize, then convey the minute details into the finished goods. But be cautioned: We don't market fashion or what the masses wear even though profit margins would be much greater - that is the job of huge catalog outfits and shopping malls. In contrast, our offerings are forged in timeless style and quality for those who want to be recognized as individuals. If your first priority in making a purchase of vintage apparel is to obtain the penultimate of historical accuracy, styling, and quality of materials and construction without compromise, then you likely understand that true value is not synonymous with "cheap" or "cheaper." You probably also know you only get what you pay for and less is indeed less. If this sounds like you, then you might just join our long list of unique-minded, esteemed and highly satisfied customers. However, if this does not sound like you, then a simple web search will surely lead you to dozens of other retailers who will satisfy your craving for mediocrity, conformity and comfort from the company of other herded sheep within the swollen ranks of a penny-wise-but-pound-foolish mentality. Now, if you are still on board, ready yourself for class. Old school begins here:



USAAF, USN and USMC Leather Flying Jackets 1927-1947 by EASTMAN LEATHER

USAAF Special Edition Leather Flying Jackets 1931-1945 by EASTMAN LEATHER

USAAF and USAF Cotton/Nylon Flying Jackets 1945-1965 by BUZZ RICKSON'S

Buzz Rickson's and Sugar Cane Vintage-Style Selvage-Denim Jeans, Work Shirts & Related Work Wear

U. S. Navy Pea Coat, Deck Jackets & CPO Shirt 1939-1945 by BUZZ RICKSON'S

Khaki Chino Trousers by BUZZ RICKSON'S

USAC Leather B-2 Winter Flying Jacket by BUZZ RICKSON'S

World War II USAAF A-2 Leather Flying Jackets by BUZZ RICKSON'S

USAAF Leather Flying Gloves by BUZZ RICKSON'S

WWII USAAF/U. S. Army Officer Shirts and Trousers (Pinks & Greens)

Vintage-Style Civilian Leather Flying/Motoring Jackets 1930s- 40s by BUZZ RICKSON’S

Vintage-Style Civilian Leather Flying Jackets 1930’s- 40’s by BUZZ RICKSON’S

William Gibson Collection Jackets, Related Apparel and Accessories by BUZZ RICKSON’S

USAAF and U. S. Army Leather Footwear 1940-1945 by BUZZ RICKSON'S

World War II U. S. Army Tanker Jacket by BUZZ RICKSON'S

World War II U. S. Army M-1943 Field Jacket by BUZZ RICKSON'S

World War II U. S. Army M-41 Field Jacket by BUZZ RICKSON'S

World War II U. S. Army Tank Destroyer Forces Loop-Wheeled Sweatshirt by BUZZ RICKSON'S

USAF Korean War 335th Fighter Interceptor Squadron Insignia by BUZZ RICKSON'S

World War II U. S. Army Paratrooper Jacket by BUZZ RICKSON'S

World War II U. S. Navy Chambray Work Shirt by BUZZ RICKSON'S

World War II U. S. Navy N-1 Deck Jacket by BUZZ RICKSON'S

World War II U. S. Navy N-1 Deck Jacket in Sea-Water Wash by BUZZ RICKSON'S

World War II USN Watch Caps & USAAF A-4 Caps by BUZZ RICKSON'S

Buzz Rickson's and Sugar Cane 1920's-1950's Vintage-Style Work Shirts and Loop-Wheeled Sweatshirts

Lone Wolf Vintage-Style Work Boots

HANHART Fine German Watches

Erich Lacher LACO German Watches

GENUINE World War II U. S. Army Tanker Helmets

German Luftwaffe Flying Jackets 1914-1945 by EASTMAN LEATHER

British Royal Air Force Flying Jackets 1939-1945 by EASTMAN LEATHER

British Motoring/Flying Coat

World War II USAAF Aviator Kit Bag and U. S. Army M-36 Musette Bag

World War II USAAF and RAF Sweaters by EASTMAN LEATHER


Aviator Gloves, Wallets and Accessories

Sun Surf 1930's-1950's Vintage Hawaiian Shirts

New Products

USAAF A-2 Leather Flying Jackets from the Film Pearl Harbor by Eastman Leather Clothing