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The original Hanhart watch factory was founded in Diessenhofen, Switzerland, in 1882, and later moved to Schwenningen, Germany, long considered the center of German clock manufacturing. The company soon gained a reputation for producing some of the finest chronographs, wristwatches, pocket and sport watches, and professional gauges and instruments. Though the name travelled well throughout the world into the early decades of the 20th century, it wasn’t until the years of the Third Reich that lasting history would be made. Though numerous timepieces were produced, the Luftwaffe fighter pilot and Kriegsmarine U-boat commander chronograph wristwatches will likely be those best remembered and desired by watch collectors. The demise of Germany in WWII brought an end to production until 1948. In 1997, offices and production moved to Gutenbach in the Black Forest, where HANHART’S stop watches had been made since 1924. Today, this is a high-tech center for research, production and development of a wide range of sophisticated mechanical and electronic time measuring devices. Thus it seems fitting that the original manufacturer would begin producing their most famous and renowned chronograph wristwatches from the 1940’s at this facility again. Manufactured by hand, we are proud to offer these exquisite, precision-made historic wristwatches. Each watch is crafted in the traditions of old German watch making, and is as much a work of beauty as it is durable and dependable. We guarantee these timepieces to rival or surpass any of the top “status-oriented” wristwatches currently in production. Being true “sleepers”, these wristwatches are for those who prefer to be identified as individuals, with only those in the know recognizing the majesty that is HANHART!